I had five Ashirvad Equipments plants and then I ordered my first DM-50 (Asphalt Drum Mix Plant) with BATCHING PLANTS this was after the firm Ashirvad Equipments got dissolved.
I felt the same trust in them. I now have a total of three machines including three WM-100 (Wet Mix Plant) of BATCHING PLANTS.
- Singla Constructions, Punjab, India.



I had a DM-45 (Drum Mix) of Ashirwad Equipments. Then I got a DM-50 from BATCHING PLANTS in the year 2007. I liked the quality and phone support for the equipment.
Then in 2009 I got on more DM-50. I am satisfied with the overall output.
- Jublee Enterprise, Punjab, India



I had one Asirvad DM-45 then I got two Drum Mixers one DM-50 in 2006 and the other in 2008. In 2008 we ordered for two BATCHING PLANTS INDUSTRIES Wet Mix Plants. The plant comes with a fire house which is without the brick cement which results in trouble free operation of burner.
- Rajeshkumar Yadav, UP, India



Our relation with BATCHING PLANTS Industries started when we purchased Bitumen Tanks and liked the quality. Then I ordered a DM 50 (60-90 tph machine) and then there was no looking back. Curretly we have one DM-60 and two WM 100 (100 tph). Now, all my needs related to purchase of construction machinery are sourced through BATCHING PLANTS.
- H. G. Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan, India



I purchased one BATCHING PLANTS INDUSTRIES make drum mixer model DM-50 with the reference of H. G. Infra Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and I must say they have exceeded our expectations.
- Mundan Construction Co., Rajasthan, India



I wanted to get the best Mixing plant, when I saw the BATCHING PLANTS Industries machine, in Nera near Pune, I enquired with the owner of the plant and the feedback prompted me to buy one from them. They offer a good package of Price vs. Quality and service.
- Mangal Murti Constructions, Maharashtra, India



We required + / - 2% accuracy for Load cell calibration for our DM plant which comes under PMC. The BATCHING PLANTS technician helped us achieve this level. I like the plant for the quality and service offered by them.

- Trimurti Stone Metal Co., Pune, India